All prices are to be agreed upon prior to my decision to take on the work.
All agreed sums are to be paid in advance, unless prior agreement has been made.
In the case of ongoing work, payments are to be made monthly or quarterly in advance.

My copywriting charges vary, depending on the amount and regularity of the work agreed upon, but they tend to baseline around £20.00 per 500 words (a standard blog entry).

I offer generous discounts for bulk orders and repeat work. If you will commit to a monthly, weekly, or daily blog; or if you have a bulk order of 50 pieces or more (product descriptions for a website or catalogue, say), I will apply a discount across the entire order or contract.

Basically, the more money you send my way, the better deal I’ll be able to cut you.

To book my copywriting service, or to request a copy of my portfolio, contact me with the a description of your requirements, and I will be in touch within 48 hours with a great deal for  you and your enterprise.