Goals and Targets

Wow, three posts in as many days!

If my previous experience running a blog has taught me nothing else, it’s that you should not get used to this particular state of affairs. Chalk it up to New Year’s exuberance, and draw a line under it.

I’m not saying that this kind of pace won’t continue, but I wouldn’t hold your breath if I were you.

So, what’s today’s wee chat all about? As the title suggests, it’s my goals and targets for 2018, both personally and professionally.

It’s important to note that this is not the same thing as a New Year’s Resolution. For me, these tend to be vague and nebulous things, as easily broken as a vagabond’s promise. Targets and goals are more concrete: a specific thing to aim for.

I’ve gone for three of them that, if I succeed in attaining come 2019, will form a fine foundation upon which to continue my development as a person and an author.

  1. Weight – on New Year’s Day I tipped the scales at 304 lbs, which is just fucking monstrous. My target for the end of the year is 220 lbs. This equates to a loss of 84 lbs in total, or 7 lbs per month, which is certainly achievable, and would leave me at my lowest weight in twenty years.
  2. Reading – I’ve just signed up to the Goodreads Reading Challenge for 2018, and have pledged a total of 52 books, or one per week. I fully intend to smash this particular target and post my review of each on this very site.
  3. Writing – 2017 was a washout, so far as my own writing was concerned. I got five pieces of nanofiction published online, totalling just under 300 words. This year I’m setting myself a target of selling six short stories at professional rates. Six shorts is a rather modest target for an author, but it’s the “at professional rates” which is going to be the killer.

And there we have it. If I nail all three of these targets, then I’ll be slimmer, more well-read, and (slightly) richer for the experience. If the gods are smiling, I might be able to knock all of these out of the park come July, but that’s little more than wishful thinking, which is just the sort of thing that New Year’s Resolutions are typically made of.

And that’s not what these are…

…no sir.


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