Editing Services

For those of you who missed the announcement on the main page: throughout August 2017, anybody who books editing work through me will get a 20% discount on the total cost of the job. This applies to line-edits and story-edits booked before 31 August 2017.

I am currently available for editing work.

I have worked as professional editor for five years, both curating and compiling anthologies for Cruentus Libri Press, and doing freelance edits on other writers’ work. I’m fast, dependable, and damn good at my job.

My rates and services come in two distinct flavours:

This is my basic service, and is for people who are happy with their work in terms of storyline and composition, but want someone to go through every line and weed out those pesky spelling errors, typos, and inappropriate homonyms. This service also includes a complete grammar and punctuation check, including the bane of every writer… the passive voice.

My fees for line-editing are £5.00 per 1500 words, or part thereof (so a 3500 word short story will cost you £15.00, for instance).

This is my full service, and involves going through the story with a fine-tooth comb, spotting plot holes, awkward sentences, and inconsistencies in character and narrative,  pointing out clichés, plot derailments, and gaps in the story’s internal logic. My duty as an editor does not end by identifying these problems: I will work with you to come up with a feasible solution that you are happy with. Once you’re happy with the final story, this service also includes a full line-edit, as detailed above, at no extra cost.

My fees for story-editing are £10.00 per 1500 word, or part thereof (so a 3500 word short story will cost you £30.00, for instance).

Whichever service you go for, you can be assured that it will swift, accurate and professional. My normal turnaround for editing a 90,000 page novel is one week for line-editing and two weeks for story-editing (though this could be longer, depending on issues with the novel).

I expect 50% of my fee to be paid in advance, with the balance to be paid once you have the completed, edited document back from me.

Please contact me at editing@kevinbufton.com to book my services.


“Since using Kevin G. Bufton, I have had a lot more success at getting my stories published, and become a lot more confident with editing myself. He is a skilled proofreader, and is very good at both American and British editing. He listens to his client, so he knows when you are looking for a strong edit and clean-up, and when you just want a proofread so you can edit/revise yourself. Bufton is the most timely editor that I have known.”

Brandon Cracraft, author of FAMILY VALUES


“Kevin has edited a number of my works over the years and he’s always done a sterling job of polishing a manuscript and finding stuff that I’ll often miss. Any writer worth their salt knows that a second (or third or fourth) pair of eyes is essential when bringing a tale, whatever the length, from the mind, to the page, to publication. With Kevin Bufton you’ll be assured of two things; professionalism and value for money, which is a must for any writer wanting to balance their costs whatever stage of their career they’re at.”