Services and Prices

This is my quickest and most basic service.

I will go through your manuscript, line-by-line, and weed out any spelling errors, typos and misapplied homonyms (words that are spelled correctly, but have the wrong meaning – wear, where and were, for instance, or there, their, and they’re). I will also make sure your grammar and punctuation are correct.

This service is for people who are happy with the content of their manuscript, but don’t want to embarrass themselves with the kind of poor spelling and grammar that any publisher or agent will immediately jump upon.

Line-edits usually have a quick turnaround. I can comfortably line-edit a full novel in a week, and usually have a shorter manuscript back to you in a day or two.

My fees for line-editing are £5.00 per 2000 words, or part thereof. This means that a 3500 word manuscript will cost £10.00, for example).

This a more in-depth service, and will take longer to complete.

I will go through your manuscript with a fine-tooth comb, amending whole sentences and paragraphs so that they read better. Word choice, diction, and flow of language is as important to any piece of text as the story or meaning you are trying to get across… perhaps more so. This is where the copy-edit comes in.

Additionally, I will point out plot holes, awkward sentences, and inconsistencies in character and narrative, as well as clichés, plot derailments, and gaps in the story’s internal logic. My duty as an editor does not end by identifying these problems: I will work with you to come up with a feasible solution that you are happy with. Once you’re happy with the final story, this service also includes a full line-edit, as detailed above, at no extra cost.

My fees for copy-editing are £15.00 per 2000 words, or part thereof. This means that a 3500 word manuscript will cost you £30.00, for instance).

Most publishers, magazines and agents insist that manuscripts be presented in Standard Manuscript Format. Whilst the guidelines for this can be easilt found online, it can be daunting to someone who has never had to do it before. I will happily format any manuscript so that it is ready to submit straightaway.

My fee for manuscript formatting is £5.00 per manuscript.

This service is separate from my usual edits, as CVs can vary so much in length and form.

I will take your existing CV and perform a full copy-edit on it, drawing attention to those areas of your work and personal history that employers are looking for, and wording it so that it emphasises your accomplishments, and results.

CV polishing is a quick and easy process, and I can usually turn it around in 24 hours.

My fee for CV polishing is £15.00 per CV.


All my prices are listed above, and are not negotiable.

When you send me your manuscript, I will check the word-count using LibreOffice software, as standard, and send you an invoice for whichever service you require, based on word-count.

Payment will be expected upfront before work on the edit begins.

Please contact me at to book my services.