My editing services come in two distinct flavours: copy-edits and story-edits.

A copy-edit involves going through your manuscript, line-by-line checking not only for errors in grammar and spelling (as I do with my proofreading service) but also for poor word choice, excessive adverbs, clumsy sentence structure, and the dreaded passive voice. I will also correct any issues with continuity, or with lapses in the Point of View. In essence, this service keeps your narrative intact but adds clarity and flow to the words themselves, without detracting from your own voice as an author.

A story-edit is more in-depth. It includes a full proofreading and copy-editing service, but also an detailed breakdown of you story, and where it would benefit from changes. I will point out plot holes, poor characterisation, deux ex machina, clich├ęs, contradictions within the story itself, breakdowns in structure, and so on, and give recommendations on how to change them. This service is a full-body check-up for your manuscript, making the story as strong as the prose itself, and increasing its chances of a sale.

Prices for editing can be found HERE, and you can request my editing service HERE.