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There are three ways to get in touch with me: through this very website, through social media, and by email. I am happy for  you to use any or all of them to contact me, so long as you obey Wheaton’s Law…

Thanks, Will.

Seriously, though: I will discuss, debate, argue, and engage on any subject, so long as I have the time. I will not tolerate abuse, trolling, hateful language or generally… you know… being a dick. Also, be aware that any time I spend online takes place after I’ve done a full-time day job, looked after my family, spent time with my wife, and done my designated word count for the day on my own projects. I will answer every comment and every email in a timely manner, but if you’re expecting a one-hour workaround, you might be looking in the wrong place.

But hey, if we’re clear on that, feel free to get in touch…


I keep the comment section open on all the posts I make here, and you’re welcome to chime in with your thoughts and opinions. If it’s the first time you’re commenting, I need to approve you (it’s an anti-spam thing). This might not be an instantaneous thing (see above) but after I’ve okayed you once, you can then post to your heart’s content.


I’ve not got a huge presence on social media,  preferring to stick to the Unholy Trinity of social networking sites for the would-be writer: Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads. Simply click on one of the icons below and feel free to friend me, follow me, or… um… whatever the Hell you do to someone on Goodreads.


I’ve got two email addresses you can use to get hold of me, if none of the options above are suitable for you.

If you’re an editor, a publisher, an anthologist, a producer, a director, or some other kind of creative and you want to approach me for content – be it a new story, or rights to an existing piece – please contact me at

If you need to get hold of me for any other reason, you’re better off using