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In the (Amazon) Prime of life

So I recently took out a subscription to Amazon Prime. I didn’t mean to: if I’m being honest, I took out the free month’s trial so I could take advantage of the free postage and packing over Christmas. I honestly don’t utilise enough of its perks to make it a worthwhile investment forĀ  me.

It’s possible that might change, now that I’ve discovered Prime Reading. From what I can tell, it’s essentially a scaled-down version of Kindle Unlimited, with only a fraction of the range of that service but, at the same time, free books are free books, right?


I’m in the middle of one of my hardbacks at the moment, so I have haven’t had a chance to peruse everything on offer, but I might give it a go this weekend before my trial expires and see whether its something I’d want to commit to.

If you’ve got any recommendations, hit me up with them in the comments section.


Goals and Targets

Wow, three posts in as many days!

If my previous experience running a blog has taught me nothing else, it’s that you should not get used to this particular state of affairs. Chalk it up to New Year’s exuberance, and draw a line under it.

I’m not saying that this kind of pace won’t continue, but I wouldn’t hold your breath if I were you.

So, what’s today’s wee chat all about? As the title suggests, it’s my goals and targets for 2018, both personally and professionally.

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