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A sign of things to come…

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any new reviews on the site, but don’t worry – I haven’t been idle for the last week.

Indeed, I’ve been reading a bunch of stuff, and am just looking for a spare couple of hours to write up my reviews of them. With Joyce Carol Oates and Dean Koontz just two of the recipients of my attentions over the last few days, you can be sure of some fresh and interesting content over the next week or so.

Speaking of content, I’m delighted to announce that my first guest blogger will be turning up shortly (tomorrow, if all goes well). Mark Allan Gunnells, a fine horror writer in the old-school tradition, is running an LGBT in Horror campaign on Facebook at the moment. As a man who champions diversity in fiction wherever I can, I’m only to pleased to welcome Mark to Bufton on Books to tell you all about it.

This will be followed up, in due course, by my own first opinion piece, also related to LGBT horror fiction.

Starting a new blog can be hard work but, as ever, content is king, which is why I’m looking to bring as much to the table as I can over the following weeks.

Hope you enjoy it.

Books, books, books!

Since I started this site about a week ago, I’ve posted a grand total of two reviews, with another one due to launch tomorrow morning.

However, since I read a damn sight faster than I review, I’ve already built up a backlogĀ  of five books that I’ve read, but have yet to review. Fear not – I have every intention of getting these written up and posted to the site within the next week, by which time I will doubtless have another couple of books under my belt, and so the world keeps turning.

I’m also hoping to pen an opinion piece for the site, and maybe even score my first author interview before the end of the month.

Busy, busy, busy!

Anyway – come back tomorrow for a new review, and expect plenty more content this coming week.




Hello and welcome to my new website.

The site itself has been around for a while, but I’ve recently stripped it down and restarted because… well… it was originally my author website, but that’s a part of my lifeĀ  that I’ve turned my back on, at least for the time being.

Instead, the site is going to be dedicated to my first love – reading.

Once it’s caught sufficient momentum, Bufton on Books is going to be chock-full of my reviews of all the book I’ve read, together with my opinions on all things literature-related, and hopefully some interviews with and guest blogs by some of my favourite authors.

I can but hope.

That’s it for me – the first review goes live later on this morning. I hope you’ll check it out.