Bufton on Books: ‘Atrocious Madness’ by Jack Bantry and Nathan Robinson (2015)

ATROCIOUS MADNESS by Jack Bantry and Nathan Robinson
2015 | Splatterpunk Zine | chapbook | 20 pages
Horror | Splatterpunk

This mini-collection collaborative chapbook consists of a joint story by the two authors, plus a solo tale by each of them.

* ‘Squash’ by Jack Bantry and Nathan Robinson (2013)
* ‘Keep Safe’ by Jack Bantry (2011)
* ‘Weather Girl’ by Nathan Robinson (2012)

Both Bantry and Robinson are stalwarts in the UK horror scene, and this mini-collection is a good a place as any for you to get a taste of their wares. Three short stories from earlier on in both men’s careers, they all have a definite Tales from the Crypt feel to them. Of the two, Robinson comes across as the more accomplished storyteller, if only for the way he favours characterisation over plotting. This is a narrative style that, for me, always produces quality work, the story flowing from the characters, rather than the other way around. Fine gory fun. (***)

‘Squash’ by Jack Bantry and Nathan Robinson (2013)
A creepy little tale about drugs, frogs, and revenge (no, really), boasting an hallucinogenic effect in keeping with its subject. (***)

‘Keep Safe’ Jack Bantry (2011)
This pedestrian tale treads familiar ground of burglars breaking into the wrong house at the wrong time. Okay, if uninspired. (**)

‘Weather Girl’ by Nathan Robinson (2012)
Having a stalker as your protagonist is pretty ballsy, but making us feel sympathy for him? Now that is impressive. (****)


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