Book Promotion

As well as editing your manuscript, I can also help you to promote your book. My promotion services cover five key elements of book promotion: the blurb (or back copy), author biography, synopsis, query letter, and book review.


Blurb (or back copy)

The selling point of any book, whether you find it in a brick-and-mortar bookshop, or whilst browsing your favourite online retailer. The blurb is the paragraph or two of descriptive text on the back cover of a book, or the item description on a website. Unless you have an active fanbase, it is often only this, and an eye-catching cover that will get your book noticed in the first place.

You can either tell me what the book is about and I will condense it into a blurb (Standard service), or you can send me the book to read myself and I will craft a blurb from it. (Deluxe service)


Author Biography

You post this more places than you think: on your website; on your author page at Amazon, Smashwords, Goodreads, and the like; in magazines and anthologies where you’ve landed a sale; and, of course, in your own books. While a blurb might sell an individual book, the author biography sells YOU. It needs to be dynamic, it needs to be informative, but above all, it needs to be memorable.



Amongst the hundreds of authors on my Facebook and Twitter feeds, the one thing they hate, above all others, is writing a synopsis. Whittling down a 400+ page novel into two sides of A4 is a disheartening task. By definition, you want to include the whole of your novel in the synopsis because everything is important to you. Like it or not, a prospective editor or agent will insist on a synopsis. It needs to be clear, it needs to be concise, and it needs to reel them in.

As with the book blurb listed above, you can either tell me what the book is about and I will condense your version into a synopsis (Standard service), or you can send me the book to read myself and I will craft a synopsis from it. (Deluxe service)

Query Letter

Before you even get them to read your synopsis, you need to send them a query letter. This is another thing that many authors have difficulty with. You need to convince a total stranger that it is worth their while looking at your manuscript. You need to come across as confident in your work, but not delusional in your ability. You need to sound like someone they would want to do business with, before they even look at your work.


Book Review

Reviews are essential to boosting traffic towards your book. Many of the book promotion sites will not even look at your book without a certain number of Amazon reviews. I will review your book, and post it in a permanent archive on this website, which you can link to. I will also cross-promote the review to Amazon and Goodreads, as well as any other websites it is available on, together with a star rating.

Please note: I do charge for solicited book reviews, as I do with all my services. However, I am never anything but honest when reviewing books – if your novel is only worth 1-star, then that’s all it’s going to get. Paying for the review does not guarantee you a good one. All you are doing is compensating me for my time, and pushing your book to the top of the pile.


Prices for all aspects of book promotion can be found HERE, and you can request my book promotion services HERE.