About Me


Kevin G. Bufton is a father-of-two, husband-of-one, and writer of fiction, in that approximate order. He has been telling stories since he was six years old, but didn’t think to find an audience for them until he hit his thirties. Between 2009 and 2014, over sixty of his stories appeared in anthologies, in magazines, and on websites the world over.

These stories can be found in his collection: The Basement Sessions: Collected Fiction (2009-2017).

He took a break from writing in 2014 to concentrate on being and editor and improving his craft as a writer.

In August of 2017 he decided that his hiatus had lasted long enough, and it was time to get back behind the keyboard.

He lives in Birkenhead, on the Wirral Peninsula, with his wife and children, and writes his darkest fiction in his brightest shirts.

He also thinks that the world could do with more rum.


The Online Home of Kevin G. Bufton is my own dark slice of cyberspace. It is the hub for my various online activities, and a place for you to keep abreast of my various comings and goings. It is also a place for me to discuss things of interest to me: reading, writing, horror, fandom, films, superheroes, cooking, family life, professional wrestling… and pretty much anything else that tickles my fancy.

One thing this website is NOT is a place to find writing advice. There’s a simple reason for this: I’ve been a professional (as in, paid) writer for nearly ten years, and a professional editor for about half of that. It is my experience that most writers aren’t interested in advice unless they have actively sought it out, and oftentimes not even then. I also feel, as someone well into my late-thirties, the time has come to spend more time writing, and less time talking about writing.

If writing advice is something you’re into, I can heartily recommend the LitReactor website, and Chuck Wendig’s Terrible Minds blog, both of which are heaving with the sort of information you’re looking for.